Performance Management 

Our done-for-you Performance Management System creates a culture of trust, respect, and empowerment.


Here’s What You Get

branded performance manual

performance development forms

performance improvement forms

performance appraisal forms

team leader/supervisor survey

self-assessment form

employee 30-day review form

fearless feedback form

disciplinary action form

1-hour consultation with maryle

1-hour consultation for team leaders

30-days of support

Your Investment



History & Development

Our Done-For-You Performance Management System combines the work of  Wally Hauck, Ph.D. CSP and Maryle Malloy in the field of human resource development.

In 2011, I discovered Dr. Hauck’s work, which included performance development forms and his “fearless feedback” system.  His work complemented my own work training and implementing the 3D Problem-Solving systems-based management tools and training in medical, veterinary, and other organizations. 

With his permission, in 2012, I began incorporating his performance plans into my organizational management consulting and training program. 

I can help you achieve the same benefits that members and leaders in these other organizations received. 

Maryle Malloy, founder of Optimum Practice Solutions



How many participants can i have?

We want to accommodate as participants as possible. To allow us to maximize the benefits to your team, we recommend up to 10 people. Should you wish to include more, we can discuss your needs during our free Discovery call. 

Who should attend?

Who should attend is based on the size of your organization and whether you have multiple teams and departments. Assuming you have multiple departments, we strongly recommend that one manager/team leader from each department and one or two employees from each department participate. 

If you have a small organization (10 or less), the owner/leader, manager, and all employees would benefit from attending. 

Do you offer "after hours" training?

We recognize that most businesses need some accommodation for time so they can schedule their staff for the training. 

We find that small businesses often schedule training toward the end of the work day by closing an hour or so early. Or by extending the lunch hour. 

It is important, however, that staff members are not too tired to participate, so we prefer a “lunch and learn” scenario. 

Since sessions are virtual, we can also accommodate you on a weekend if that is preferable for your staff. 

What time zone are you in?

We operate on US Mountain Time. We do participate in Daylight Savings time. Maryle works with several clients on the East Coast and is available for early AM sessions beginning at 6 AM Mountain time. 

For those outside the United States, we will do our best to accommodate you. We’ll schedule your 90-Minute Session during our complimentary call. 

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