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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business, the components that make up a great brand are the same. Our 7-Step Process is employed by Fortune 500 companies to ensure their brand connects with their target market.

I’m Maryle Malloy, during my 40-year career, I’ve been blessed to work in both management and marketing in several diverse industries. I began my career in the real estate development industry in California. I then spent 18 years in veterinary and healthcare management and marketing. For the past 10 years, I’ve devoted my time to management consulting, graphic and web design, and marketing for various businesses in the pet industry.

When you work with us you benefit from my experience as a manager, leader, and marketing specialist. I and everyone on my team understand what it takes for an owner or leader to manage a business. We understand the problems that occur when a small business owner tries to work both IN and ON the business at the same time. We understand what it takes physically, emotionally, and financially to get your brand message in front of the right people in today’s digital world.

We are here to reduce your stress by working ON your business so you can focus on working IN your business.

Branding Packages

The Basic – Brand Identity

We begin with Discovery, so plan on spending 4-5 hours total in thought and preparation during the first 2-3 weeks. We’ll meet during that time in two Zoom Discovery sessions where we’ll help you achieve clarity on your brand strategy. In other words, before we play with the bright shiny toys, where we create your visuals,  logo, color palette, and graphics.



Logo & Tagline




Color Palette


Content Sample/Voice


Graphic/Image Samples

Brand Refresh + Strategies

Veterinarian holding a cat

For established businesses. This package includes everything in The Basic plus the development of a Vision Statement which is a guide to your organization’s culture, a Competitors Report, Social Media Analysis Report, Website Analysis, and Brand Implementation Plan. The Competitors Report and Social Media Analysis Reports are prepared by our team of Google Premier Partners.



Vision Statement


Top 3 Competitors Report


Website Analysis Report


Social Media Analysis Report


Brand Implementation Plan

Maryle, thank you! I loved working with you on my branding that complements the theme and story I wish to convey in my work. My lotus flower theme represents new beginnings and the palette of color is healing; both of which you captured beyond my expectations. With gratitude, my friend.
Ann Richardson

Founder, LeadWell Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Website Design

One of the many reasons our clients keep coming back time after time is our ability to develop messaging and graphics for their websites that connect emotionally with their audience. 

We’ve been designing and building websites since 2010. Much has changed in that time with hosting providers and platforms such as Adobe Business Catalyst transitioning out of the marketplace. We’re still here!

When it comes to choosing the best platform for our client’s websites, we’re “platform agnostic.” That translates to selecting the best platform and management system for the client’s needs.

Our platform of choice is WordPress with the addition of the Divi Builder (referred to as Divi.) For eCommerce sites with many products, we add Woo Commerce components to WordPress and if appropriate, build sites on the Shopify platform. Whatever we recommend, you can be assured that based on our knowledge, it is the best solution for our client.

All web design and development services together with our Digital Marketing services (we are Google Premier Partners) are performed by our highly experienced team members who reside in the US and Canada.

Shown here, is a website under construction. Brand Identity by Maryle. 

Project Management

Website & Marketing 

Some of our clients prefer to use corporate vendors within their industry who offer website and social media services at deeply discounted rates. They can do this because of their size and volume.  We don’t attempt to compete with them, and in many instances recommend their services and products as the most cost-effective for the client.

The Good News

We have found that most, owners and managers are too busy to spend time interfacing with their website build partner. In the majority of cases, owners and managers don’t have experience in graphic/visual design or copywriting.

The factors that work together to make a great brand are akin to the spokes on a wheel. Since your website is the primary representative of your brand, it stands to reason that it needs to include all the “factors,” so that it connects with the hearts and minds of your audience and works perfectly on the back end.

Without a project manager that is conversant in your industry and the 7 components that make up a great brand, you may end up with mediocre instead of great.

That’s where we come in!

We work with your vendor as your project manager/representative. We provide them with your Brand Board, ensuring that the typography/fonts, graphics, and most of all your VOICE in the written content, are represented in the final product. We provide instructions based on your preferences on the design/layout and make appropriate graphic/video selections.

Read your vendor contract carefully, if they create your logo, and provide the graphics you may not own the right to use those if you ever move to another vendor.

Lastly, when your site launches, it represents you in all the right ways, and most of all, it connects your business with the hearts and minds of your audience.