4-Week Online Training

94% of the problems in a business are systems-related. If you and your teams are struggling, the answer is the 3D Problem-Solving Blueprint. 


The 3D Blueprint will help you and your teams identify and solve any problem in your organization


This is NOT a short-term fix; it is a lifetime solution


The 3D Solution puts you on the path to leadership mastery


The 3D Solution transforms the energy of your people and creates a vibrant, energetic workplace

My Promise to You

I promise that at the end of the 4-week training, all participants will know how to implement and use the tools and techniques in the 3D Problem-Solving Blueprint.  

Business owners, managers, and teams have benefited from the implementation and training I have provided using the 3D Problem-Solving Blueprint since 2005.

I had the opportunity to utilize this systems-based management process after 6-months of training with the program’s creator, David Dibble, and was Certified as a Trainer in late 2005.

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Week #1


Frontline workers bring critical information to this session as they identify issues and problems of concern to them, individually and collectively, to the organization. These issues are the broken or missing systems causing stress in the workplace.

  • Distilling down the issues made visible in the Discovery process.
  • Naming the categories (similar issues moved into categories. Typical practice would name 6-8 categories)

SUPPORT CALL – 60-minute session



DEFINING – 90 Minutes

The issues named in Session #1 are categorized—the 3D tool “DEFINING” is introduced

 Following the 80/20 rule, we begin to measure the system(s) that have created the most stress for the people in the room. This is the most fun. We’ll move through each category identifying the critical 20%. Now the organization can stop fighting fires and treating symptoms as you have a method to identify the core issues.

SUPPORT CALL – 60-minute session



Based on the ranking of categories, we will select the 1st and 2nd ranked categories and the issues identified in each. We’ll begin with #1, and your team(s) will identify certain actions that must take place. Actions are designed to develop a new system or fix a broken system—a Who, What, and When Task List is created.

SUPPORT CALL – 60-minute session


REVIEW – 90 Minutes

Participants report on the results. Dates and actions may be extended based on pending actions. New action items are discussed—the Who, What, and When list is updated.

Review of the Training, Q & A, and What’s Next

Following the session, you’ll receive my Facilitators Guide, A Handbook for Leaders and Facilitators. 



Priceless!  The 4 Week Online Training Program will improve the systems and culture in your organization forever.

Weekly Payment Plan

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4 weekly payments of $1,250.

One Time Payment

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Save 10% for payment in full upon signing.



94% of the results we experience in the workplace, good or poor, are a function of the systems/processes in which people work, not the efforts of people.

Using the 3D Problem-Solving tools and techniques as your blueprint, you will address many of the “people” problems associated with unhappy or disengaged employees. Organizations that are known as “good places to work” are those that build loyal clients who enjoy the benefits of interacting with a happy, efficient staff.

How is the 3D Problem-Solving model different from other systems models such as Six Sigma, Lean Sigma 6, or Toyota?

The first step in the 3D process is to collect emotional data (responses)  from front-line workers. That data is then Distilled in step 2 of the process. It is traced back to the critical 20% of systems that produce 80% of employee stress (emotional data). The other models, such as Six Sigma, Lean, or Toyota, DO NOt consider this all too critical human emotional data as part of their criteria. 

Why is gathering emotional data from employees the critical FIRST step to relieving stress in the workplace?

The importance of collecting emotional data from employees in the workplace can’t be overstated. The data which is more precious than gold is used to help identify and fix broken systems that are creating stress. This process helps my clients to “pull” out the truth by exposing what lies beneath the stressors and the systems in the workplace. Once we get to the TRUTH at the heart of the stresses affecting our people, the healing process begins.

do the same participants need to attend all sessions?

We strongly recommend that all participants attend every session. While the tools and techniques in the blueprint are covered in the training, the participants will be responsible for implementing them in the workplace.  

We understand that committing staff members to 4-weeks of training is often difficult in a small business. We do our best to schedule training sessions at your convenience. Sessions are recorded. Iprint-readytems added to the virtual whiteboard are updated each session and print ready PDF files are provided. 

How Many people can participate in the 4-week training?

We recommend that at least one owner/partner, manager, and team leader, plus several employees (those actually doing the work), participate. Up to 10 people are included. 

Once the original participants have completed the training and you experience the positive impact the 3D Problem-Solving process has on this group, you may schedule additional 4-week training sessions for other team leaders and workplace staff. 

Do you offer support after the training?

Absolutely! In addition to the training manual you receive during your last class, we offer ongoing support. Since every business is unique, we prefer to offer support based on your needs. We will put together a custom support package to meet your needs and provide you with a Proposal and Fee Schedule once we are clear on your objectives. 

Do you offer a discount for additional trainings?

Our clients with multiple departments often find that 3D Problem-Solving is so beneficial they want to enroll other leaders and teams in the 3D training. We are happy to provide a custom quote for our existing clients. 

three people looking at laptop computer and smiling.

Is the 4-Week Training right for you and your team? Take a test drive with our 90-minute Breakthrough Session. You’ll learn what systems are broken or missing in your business. The 90-minute session is the same 3D process we use in week #1 of our 4-week training. 

Even better, if you have enrolled in the  90-Minute Breakthrough, you’ll qualify for a discount on the 4-Week Training.



In this 20-minute video, David and Maryle discuss the hidden root causes of toxic cultures that are responsible for creating most of the stress in the workplace and the revolutionary but simple system to fix them.

What’s Next


Dear Owner/Leader,

I understand this is a major decision. But if the stress you and your people are experiencing is not identified, you run the risk of your systems moving from stress to chaos.


Book a Free 60-minute Discovery Session with me. I’ll answer any questions and review your options for enrolling your team.